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Acoustic Consultants and Sound Insulation Testing (ANC)


Sound Acoustics Ltd is a member of the Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC). We are also members of the ANC Registration Scheme for Sound Insulation Testing (member 164) with testers in England and Wales. Our acoustic consultants are here to offer you good value and a friendly service in all areas of acoustics. Our reports are written using plain and concise English and are not padded for extra "value". In other words we aim to give you what you really need to meet your project brief.


Our head office is near Ipswich; an ideal location for serving London, the Home Counties, East Anglia and the East Midlands. However, our reputation has spread since our foundation in 2005 and we now have clients in the South, South-west, Wales and the Channel Islands. In addition to our sound tester based near Ipswich we also have a sound insulation tester in Cardiff to help us serve our clients in central and southern Wales, the West Midlands and South-west of England.


Whether you are an architect, a builder, a developer, a planner, a private individual, or part of a business or government body, our acoustic consultants and sound insulation testers are able to help you. Please call today to discuss your project and to get a quote over the phone.


Sound Acoustics Ltd have the full range of insurances to cover clients, employees and the public.

Sound Insulation Testing

We are ANC registered for sound insulation testing and can respond at short notice whilst still being competitive. We are strategically well positioned with testers able to cover the vast majority of central and southern England and Wales. See our sound insulation testing page for further details.

Acoustic Consultants

Our acoustic consultants can check your design, review your drawings and provide reports and recommendations to help you pass the sound insulation tests or meet the project brief first time round. We can also carry out all noise survey and assessment work such as traffic noise surveys, BS4142, BB93, Noise at Work etc. See our consultancy page for further details.

Call or email for a quote

Call 01473 781871 today to speak to our acoustic consultants about your project and to get a quote over the phone. Alternatively, email or post your project details (you can use our enquiry form) and we will reply ASAP.

30 Years Experience

The two top acoustic consultants have 40 years combined experience of acoustics in dwellings, schools, offices, courts, hospitals, care homes, leisure developments, factories and more.